‘Guy Who Sh*ts His Pants?’: Aaron Rodgers, Tucker Carlson Clown Biden’s Mental Fitness

Screenshot/YouTube/Tucker Carlson

Robert McGreevy Contributor
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New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers roasted President Joe Biden’s mental faculties in a sit-down interview with Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson released Tuesday.

The pair were speculating on the increasing absurdity of politics in America when Carlson suggested the political elite may be intentionally pushing the population to test them.

“You wonder if they’re sort of seeing how far they can push the population until someone starts laughing, like are you joking?” Carlson mused.

“It feels like that sometimes,” Rodgers agreed. “Like ‘What if we did this? Is anybody gonna give a shit? No? Now let’s try this one here. We’re gonna put Joe Biden up.’ Wait what? This guy who can’t even walk over here? Who shits his pants every now and then?” Rodgers joked. (RELATED: ‘Tucker Carlson, They Fired Him’: Joe Rogan And Aaron Rodgers Perfectly Describe The Censorship Industrial Complex)

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre caught a ricochet shot in the exchange as well. “Then we’re gonna pick the single dumbest, but most self-confident person in the entire nation of 350 million people and make her the White House press secretary,” Carlson joked.

Rodgers also bemoaned the new direction of the American left. “Now to even question the government you’re some right-wing, conspiracy, crazy tinfoil hat wearer, which is wild because it seems like the left has gone so far left, and anyone right of that … there’s no center anymore,” he complained. “That’s according to the left. You’re just, you’re a right-winger unless you’re so far on the left. The left used to be the party of Occupy Wall Street, and free speech and rights for everybody. Now they’re the ones beating the drums on the war machine and censorship and obedience.” Rodgers stated.