Mike Gundy Gives Immoral (Yet Hilarious) Answer About Ollie Gordon II Getting Arrested For Allegedly Drunk Driving

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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It’s a little cringe, sure, but I couldn’t help but giggle.

Oklahoma State Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy was locked and loaded at the Big 12 media days when it came to his decision to not suspend running back Ollie Gordon II, who was arrested for allegedly drunk driving. His justification was absolutely immoral — especially considering he’s helping raise kids into men — but, my goodness, was it hilarious.

In late June, Gordon was placed under arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence, being recorded with a 0.10 blood alcohol level — .08 is the legal limit. Well, as far as Gordon’s football career is concerned, Gundy decided to not suspend him. And that’s not even the most of it: my man even brought Gordon along as a team representative to the Big 12 media days — gold! (RELATED: Texas’ Arch Manning Changes His Mind On Upcoming ‘EA Sports College Football 25’, Or Was It All A Publicity Stunt?)

While talking with the press Tuesday, Gundy spoke about his move— err, non-move — to discipline Gordon, and man …

Just roll the tape.


Should we be drunk driving? Heck no, I’ve seen some of that nasty work down here in Florida, and it always irks me. Hey, y’all know me, I love a good party: I’m the same guy who blogged while partying at 1 o’clock in the morning after my Florida Panthers won the Stanley Cup.

But we can’t be doing the drunk driving business, that’s nonsense.

With that being said, Mike Gundy is a bit of a G for this comical answer.

Thanks for the laugh, coach.