Rep. Andy Biggs Explains ‘The Only Way’ Pelosi Would ‘Drop The Hammer’ On Biden As Nominee

(Screenshot/Fox News/"The Ingraham Angle")

Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Republican Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs revealed Tuesday on Fox News that Democratic California Rep. Nancy Pelosi may “drop the hammer” on pulling her support for President Joe Biden as his party’s nominee.

Biggs appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss the ongoing chaos within the Democratic Party as lawmakers are becoming divided on having Biden remain as the nominee for 2024. Fox host Laura Ingraham questioned the representative on if he believed Pelosi could pull her support from Biden, potentially affecting his campaign. (RELATED: Cook Political Report Delivers More Bad News For Biden Campaign Following Debate Disaster)

“The only way she’ll drop the hammer to get rid of Biden is if she thinks they are going to get wiped out in the down ballot ticket,” Biggs said.

“Well, it looks like they are going to get wiped out, 20 seats they’re saying that they could lose because of Biden,” Ingraham jumped in.

“That may be the case. But if that is the case, then she’s going to try to ride to the rescue and get somebody else in there. Because the down ticket now is what they’re playing for, in my opinion. They know that Biden’s going to lose, probably Kamala Harris would lose. But the deal is they want to try to get back or preserve some leverage in the House of Representatives,” Biggs responded.

Ingraham continued to call out races in Montana and Ohio where Democratic candidates have distanced themselves from the president to pull more voters as their constituents “don’t want Biden” to be the party’s option.

“But from everything that we’re seeing, most people know that Biden can’t do this job and is not going to be president in a second term. Even if he wins, it’s Kamala Harris’ party now,” Ingraham said.

“Right, it’s going to be an oligarchy, similar to what we have seen for the last four years. But if it’s a close race, they’ll distance themselves from Biden. That’s what they did before, they’re going to do it more this time,” Biggs said.

A list of House Democrats have come forward since last Tuesday calling for Biden to step down as the nominee due to concerns over his mental fitness and trailing polls since his poor debate performance. Despite the calls, the president and his staff have remained firm in continuing the campaign, with Biden stating they could “run” against him at the Democratic National Convention which begins August 19.

While a majority of Americans no longer believe Biden has the mental and cognitive health to serve within office, doctors have also weighed in publicly on Biden’s condition. During an NBC News interview with Parkinson’s disease specialist Dr. Tim Pitts, he stated Tuesday Biden’s signs such as his “small, monotone voice” and swinging his arms are all “hallmark” indications for the disease.