ROOKE: Georgia Board Notches Election Integrity Win That Could Secure A Trump Victory

Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images

Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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The Georgia State Election Board amended election rules to require a hand count to verify vote totals and an investigation into vote discrepancies.

The new rule passed on a 3-1 vote put forward by Cobb County Republican Party Chairwoman Salleigh Grubbs, requires poll officers to hand count ballots on the precinct level each day of voting to ensure there isn’t a discrepancy between the machine totals and the number of votes cast. The poll manager and two poll officers as witnesses must verify the vote totals, signing a statement of their authenticity.

Election integrity has been a thorn in Georgia’s side since before the 2020 election, especially in places like Fulton County, home of Atlanta. This rule will hopefully make the election process more transparent and prevent falsified audit tally sheets or duplicate ballots. It also allows all election board members access to examine all election records before a certification vote in case there are discrepancies in voting totals. (ROOKE: Senate GOP Absent While Dems Force Through Another Biden Win)

Board Chairman John Fervier filed a petition to the state election board stating that in the May 21st primary, DeKalb County had over 91,000 ballots cast than voters casting a vote.

“A citizen seeing that discrepancy should well question the validity of the election results. At the certification meeting, the Executive Director explained that there were many ballots with more than one page and the machines only count pages,” Fervier wrote, adding, “that is not a detailed reconciliation of the numbers like should be required in the reconciliation report.”

If the Georgia State Election Board finalizes the amendment next month, the new rule will go into effect before the November general election.