Swing State Voters Rip Inconvenient Hole In Biden’s No. 1 Debate Excuse


Gage Klipper Commentary & Analysis Writer
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Earlier this week, President Joe Biden slammed “elites in the party” as the only ones who have a problem with mental fitness for office.

Hate to break it to you, Joe — but the voters of Wisconsin beg to differ.

Questions about Biden’s age are the talk of the town in Milwaukee and Madison, Politico reported Wednesday morning. In both blue strongholds, Democrats must hold onto these areas if they wish to carry the critical swing state in November. But that will be tough, Politico notes, as the outlet’s conversations with dozens of Democrats and Independents revealed deep concerns about Biden’s fitness for office.

Unsurprisingly, a new AARP poll has Biden down five points statewide against Donald Trump.

Wisconsin voters highlight just how laughable it is that Biden has found himself in the crosshairs of some insidious “elite” cabal.

Biden stands atop a party by and for America’s elite interests. Elites want a Green Revolution so they can get richer off government subsidies. They want unfettered trade with China for their own self-interest, America’s national interests be damned. They want higher inflation so the middle class consumes less, and so a new generation of Americans will be renting from them forever. They want a hyper-focus on transgender rights and racism so the American people hate each other so much that they forget about everything else.

All of these trends have exploded under Biden’s tenure. As a barely sentient figurehead, he’s become a meat puppet for elites to mold to their will. Why on earth would they ever want him to leave?