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Founded in 2010 by Tucker Carlson, a 20-year veteran journalist, and Neil Patel, former chief policy advisor to Vice President Cheney, the Daily Caller is one of America’s largest and fastest-growing news publications. Our team of experienced, full-time reporters and editors works around the clock to deliver award-winning original reporting, in-depth investigations, entertainment, thought-provoking commentary and up-to-the-second breaking news. The Daily Caller committed to telling the truth and adhering to all the highest standards of journalism coming from a center-right perspective, which we believe is sorely needed to balance out the more left leaning perspective found in the vast majority of American news.

From exposing shocking mismanagement of Republican National Committee funds to exclusively revealing the FBI’s interview with Hillary Clinton, the Daily Caller’s reporting has been thorough and tough on members of both political parties. In 2016, the Daily Caller emerged as a news leader in covering the U.S. presidential election, providing around-the-clock, on-the-ground coverage of the primary process, the debates, and the general election. The Daily Caller was also included as a full-time member of the traveling press pool for the Democratic nominee.

The Daily Caller’s reporters are credentialed members of the U.S. Senate and House press galleries. We also provide comprehensive coverage of the executive branch, with a dedicated White House correspondent and membership in the White House Correspondents’ Association. Additionally, the Daily Caller is a member of the White House in-town press pool, responsible for dispatching reports to the global press at White House events on a monthly basis.

The Daily Caller’s reporting is distributed worldwide to over 20 million unique readers each month through our highly-visited homepage, wildly popular newsletters and apps, countless citations from the world’s other top news sites, and our vast social media following. In addition to being a Facebook managed partner, our reporting is distributed through official partnerships with Yahoo and MSN.

The Daily Caller is a for-profit, independent news outlet. We generate revenue for our mission through advertising and our premium patriots subscription service. Decisions about what to investigate, as well as our conclusions, are guided only by our journalists. Neil Patel is majority owner of Daily Caller.

The Daily Caller has a licensing agreement with the Daily Caller News Foundation, a Delaware 501(c)(3) non-profit news organization. TheDCNF is a separate legal entity from the Daily Caller.

All content created by TheDCNF is available in full, free of charge to any reputable publisher that can provide a large audience. TheDCNF currently has over 250 publishers signed onto its free license to run its content on their sites.

The Daily Caller is one of these 250 licensees and does run content created by TheDCNF. The Daily Caller gets this content on the same terms as all other licensees with no special preference.

The Daily Caller is also the sister company to premiere fact checking site Check Your Fact, rated among the most credible on the web. CYF independently fact checks statements by influencers, as well as reporting by other news outlets. It also vets the many widely-shared claims that rocket across the internet every day.

Finally, if you want some of the best political analysis in the business, you can check out the Patriots section. Daily Caller Patriots is a premium subscription service that provides critical analysis on news of the day and policy coming out of Washington, DC.

While our job is to ascertain the truth, we will occasionally make mistakes. When we do, we commit to hastily correcting our errors so that our readers can get the real story. If you spot an error, please send us a note at corrections@dailycaller.com. You can learn more about our journalistic and ethical standards here.

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Co-Founder & Publisher: Neil Patel

 Co-Founder: Tucker Carlson


Editorial Staff:

Geoff Ingersoll, Editor in Chief
Vince Coglianese, Editorial Director
Eric Lieberman, Managing Editor
John Loftus, Breaking News Editor
Dylan Housman, Deputy Editor
Luis Ramirez, Associate News & Opinion Editor
Justin Bailey, Associate Editor
Thomas Wong, Associate Weekend Editor
Kevin Bayona, Associate Weekend Editor
Jesse Stiller, Check Your Fact Editor
Max Asher Kirsch, Check Your Fact Editor
Elias Atienza, Check Your Fact Senior Reporter, Features Editor
Anna Mock, Check Your Fact Reporter
Christine Sellers, Check Your Fact Reporter
Morgan Johnson, Check Your Fact Data Entry Assistant
Anthony Pascone, Check Your Fact Data Entry Assistant
Melissa Hawk, Copy Editor
Sean Moody, Director of Video
Gregorio Veluz, Video Producer
Rachel Page, Video Producer
Rodger Roundy, Graphics Artist
Greg Niecestro, Senior Video Editor
Mary McCants, Video Editor
Dayton Witouski, Video Editor
Henry Rodgers, Senior National Correspondent
Reagan Reese, White House Correspondent
Kay Smythe, General Assignment Reporter
Hailey Gomez, General Assignment Reporter
Eireann Van Natta, General Assignment Reporter
Mary Rooke, Staff Writer
Nicole Silverio, Media Reporter
Leena Nasir, Entertainment Reporter
Mariane Perez, Entertainment Reporter
Andrew Powell, Sports Reporter
Robert McGreevy, Sports Reporter
Gage Klipper, Analysis Writer

Corporate Staff:

Annabel Scott, Vice President of Operations
Celtin Clardie, Chief of Staff
Neil Stevens, Chief Technology Officer
Andrew Timothy, Full-Stack Developer
Charles Sunday, Web Developer


Advertising Staff:

Chad Brady, Director of Programmatic & Advertising Operations
David Ferzoco, Director of Business Development
Elijah Moorman, Vice President of Marketing
John Chambers, Director of Marketing
Avery Long, Content Marketing Manager
Daniel Kim, Digital Marketing Specialist
Conor Coutts, Communications Coordinator  (Contact to book reporters for media appearances)
Stephen D’Aloisio, Lead Social Media Video Editor
Donny Betts, Social Video Coordinator
Jessica Embree, Social Media Coordinator
Miriam Frankel, Social Media Coordinator




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