What A Legend: John Daly Is Getting Ready For The PGA Championship By Smoking Cigarettes, Dapping Up Tiger Woods

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How can you not love John Daly?

The internets absolutely flipped their lids Tuesday when a video started circulating of legendary golfer John Daly and how he’s getting prepared for the PGA Championship at Louisville — by ripping cigarettes and dapping up Tiger Woods. (RELATED: Rory McIlroy Files For Divorce After 7 Years Of Marriage: REPORT)

Participating in a Valhalla practice round, the 58-year-old Daly was seen golfing with a cigarette in his mouth, and yes, it was lit … and yes, he was smoking it.

As far as people were concerned, some shared their thoughts on Daly‘s ciggy habit, others praised him (like what needs to be happening) and then you had the group that just made outright jokes. And then, of course, you had the Karens who were showing false outrage over him not being healthy. (Don’t none of y’all pay for his health insurance, hush)


But it wasn’t just that iconic scene that popped off … we also had THIS, my man hanging out with fellow legend Tiger Woods:

Man, I’m amp’d for the PGA Championship. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been this hype for a golf tournament before.

I’ve got my three daughters in golf practice five days a week, I’m building a brand around them (more on that later), I’m working on my own game in the process, and quite frankly, I’ve got some big plans with this whole golf thing. So as a result, it’s gotten me more interested in golf, like “legitimate fan” status. I’ve always been interested, but not like THIS. So with the PGA Championship being the first official major of my new passion?

Yeah, I’m pretty excited, and like I mentioned in an earlier blog, I’ll be rooting for my guys Brooks Koepka and Tiger Woods (and throw John Daly in there as well, you got to).