Wow! Mariners Fan Pulls Some Absolute Black Magic By Catching Two Foul Balls On Consecutive Pitches

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This is incredible.

When it comes to a fan catching a foul ball at an MLB game (hell, when it comes to a baseball game, period), it’s a very rare occurrence, which is why it’s so special when it happens. However, a fan of the Seattle Mariners pulled some absolute black magic Monday night when he caught not one, but two foul balls. And get this: It happened on back-to-back pitches.

In the first inning of the matchup between the Mariners and Kansas City Royals, Seattle leadoff hitter Josh Rojas popped a foul ball in the direction of left field. The ball ended up going into the stands after heading over the wall, and in true “right place, right time” fashion, a Mariners fan caught it and turned it into sweet merchandise. (RELATED: I’m Game: An Interesting TV Show Is Coming Out About Shohei Ohtani And His Translator Allegedly Stealing $17M From Him)

On literally the next pitch, the exact same thing happened and flipped the “right place, right time” vibe into an “okay, this is just weird as hell” vibe. And to make it more eerie, the knock came from the same batter in Rojas, who once again popped a foul ball after swinging late — doing so in the same direction towards left field where the same fan was there to catch it.

Two consecutive foul balls though … wow!


I have to agree with the Mariners organization here: this dude needs to gamble. It’s got me over here thinking about how much money I would win if I had this guy’s luck.

Hmm … as a matter of fact, I need my lucky rabbit’s foot to spend a night in this man’s house or something. (No Diddy)