Video Appears To Show Ukrainian Soldier Fighting Off Four Russians At Point-Blank Range


Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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The Ukrainian military shared a video that they claimed shows one of their soldiers in a foxhole fighting off four Russians at point-blank range.

The Ukrainian 5th Brigade alleged on Telegram Tuesday that a member of their unit was at the center of this incident, which occurred “in the Klishchiivka area,” according to a Google translation of the statement. The national guard unit claimed that the soldier killed two Russians and held out until a relief force joined him whereupon two more Russians were killed. 

Video of the incident was tweeted out by Constantine, who describes himself as a Ukrainian military veteran from 2014-2015. Constantine said he got the “amazing video” from a friend.

The video showcases the close nature of combat on Ukraine’s eastern front and the difficulties that occur when attempting to capture territory from an entrenched enemy. One soldier could be seen pumping lead into one clearly moving target and exchanging fire with another. (RELATED: Russian Troops Make Major Gains After Congress, Biden Greenlit Major Aid Package To Ukraine)

A press release by the National Guard of Ukraine claimed Monday that the 5th Brigade managed to repulse constant Russian attempts to storm military positions near Klishchiivka. “Calculations of grenade launchers of the National Guard, providing assistance to neighbors, successfully worked to defeat the enemy,” Sokil, the call sign of a national guardsman from the 5th Brigade, said in the press release.

One fighter, with the callsign Jin, alleged that the Russians conducted a six-hour all-out assault on Ukrainian positions that “were clearly controlled and calculated due to the coordinated work of the air reconnaissance unit,” according to the press release.

The 5th Brigade was formed in 1992 and is based in the city of Kharkiv on the eastern front, according to Military Land. Klishchiivka, the reputed area of intense combat, is a village in the Donbas region that is near the city of Bakhmut. The village has exchanged hands multiple times during the course of the Russo-Ukrainian war that began in February 2022, according to multiple outlets.