Shocking Video Shows Bull Attacking Tourist Multiple Times


Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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Video captured a wild bull attacking a female tourist on a Mexican beach after she started to move bags in front of the animal.

The incident occurred in the vicinity of La Fortuna beach in northern Mexico, El Sud Californiano reported Monday.

In the video shared by the New York Post, onlookers can be heard warning the tourist in English to get away from the bull.

“You are really playing with it right now. Please don’t do that. Please! Please get away,” one male onlooker says as the female tourist tries to collect her belongings in front of the bull. (RELATED: Mexican Officials Keep Meddling In Red States’ Efforts To Crack Down On Illegal Immigration)

“Jesus, lady! Please get away. You are not doing us any favors,” the same voice can be heard saying just before the bull attacks the tourist.

“Get the fuck away! We tried to fucking tell you!” he adds as the attack commences.

Víctor Manuel Torres García, operational coordinator of the Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone (Zofemat) in the municipality of Los Cabos, told El Sud Californiano that there is no detailed report of the incident and that he did not know the status of the tourist. The Mexican official told the outlet that seeing livestock on that part of the coast is commonplace due to the ranches near the beach. He added that donkeys were particularly easy to stumble upon in the area and that people often feed them.

“[H]owever, we make the recommendation that they do not [feed the animals], in order to prevent a situation similar to that of the bull attack from happening, because a donkey can bite a person,” Torres García told the outlet.